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May 21, 2007


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Tracey Segarra

Michelle, you're correct - our firm is no longer publishing the Corporate Governance Blog.

However, I'd like to note for the record that we did have all the right blogging policies and procedures in place - Mike Rhodes is extremely knowledgeable about the topic, had a good writing style, and during his existence, his blog led him to being quoted as a corporate governance expert in many national media, including Reuters and Forbes.com.

Unfortunately, time constraints made it difficult for him to give the blog the time and energy he felt it needed to serve its mission as a clearinghouse of information related to corporate governance.

He is still regularly quoted in the media, and truly enjoyed the blogging experience.

As a firm, we still believe in the power of blogs, and think they're a great communication tool.

Who knows? One day we may yet launch another one - stay tuned!

Tracey Segarra
Director of Marketing
Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP

Michelle Golden

Tracey, thanks a ton for commenting. Your firm was the second large firm to have a practice blog and, as a true leader on the forefront of applying that marketing approach, it is a bummer that it didn't work out. I hope, as you hint, that you'll come back with one or more...

And I'm glad you've mentioned that Mike received the visibility and recognition he has for his work. That is what we hear from many professionals who blog!

To your point, you're exactly right that it is time-consuming to author a blog. I've no doubt that with a busy practice, Mike found it somewhat challenging to write frequently enough to sustain the blog (we recommend an average of once per week).

I also want to say that there is absolutely *nothing* wrong with trying something and deciding it wasn't working and pulling the plug. This is in no way a failure! Professional firm marketing should include such trials and experiments CONSTANTLY, but firm leaders are usually too risk averse. Kudos to CC for giving it a go!

Allow me to improve my assumption "it's simply an indication that all the right elements weren't in place for that particular blog" and clarify, for readers, that I did not have knowledge of your particular approach or policies. In the interest of transparency, I'll also disclose that we are well-acquainted and work together on occasion.

I know *you* well enough to know that your team had all the elements in place as far as structure and policies--and will add that the blog design was very nice, too.

Where I'd like to expound on why I made the assumption above as it pertains to your firm's blog is with regard to the element of "the right person or right team" which is behind the exact description you offered. Time consideration is a big part of that element.

Even where Mike is a great writer, if an individual doesn't have enough time to post fairly regularly, then we highly recommend approaching the blog with a team of 2 to 4 people who would create a post just once or twice per month, each.

Creativity can be a factor with this element, too. Sometimes we just don't feel creative or inspired to write. It's hard to schedule oneself to be creative... (You, with a journalism career background can totally relate to that, I'm sure!). So it can really help to spread the load out among a couple people.

The barrier you described is certainly the main reason more accountants aren't blogging, though. I hope they'll consider collaborative blogs to overcome the time issue.

Thanks for writing, Tracey!

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