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March 29, 2007


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Christina Steder

This is brilliant! And, unfortunately all too common as you say. I think one of the major problems is that the founding partner group expects the same initiative and thought process from their employees as they had when they founded the firm. They forget that their staff (no matter how motivated ) are EMPLOYEES, not owners. No matter how motivated you are, that changes the mindset. Also, CPAs are a cautious bunch and don't like to rock the boat by telling someone that they may be good at their job, but they are not leadership material. Openness to new ideas, allowing some people to be on a "fast track" while others are not, and some leadership training for the people who are supposed to lead would go a long way towards keeping the Sams of the world happily employed at their current firms.


Thanks for your comment!

Christina, you're so right about the generally cautious nature of CPAs...that sure doesn't help. I find, too, that it's hard for ANYone in any industry to have those tough conversations. There are chapters dedicated to it in one of my new favorite books "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em" by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan Evans (third edition is the one I have). A strongly emphasized point is that we aren't doing an employee any favors by not being honest with them. It's a must read book...I appreciate that your comment made me remember it in relation to my post.

Your suggestions for being open to new ideas and for allowing faster and slower tracks would indeed make a big difference.

Thanks for reading my blog. I checked out your website. Very cool!

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