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March 08, 2013


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Rich back at you. You're family to me too.

Jim Caruso

Michelle, glad you see you are back, as I had been checking here often to get your latest insights! I am not very big on FB personally, spending my time sporadically on Twitter and, more recently my own blog - which I emailed you about recently to try to get included on your Accounting Blog List! Hope you saw that and will get me up there soon! :)

Debra Helwig

Wow. All I can say is that your encouragement over that dead space in my writing life is a lot of what gave me the courage to come back. You never know when the seeds you plant will germinate, my friend. Keep sowing seeds! (And I adore the analogy of the word garden. LOVE.) You are brilliant! Can't wait to see your new thoughts here and elsewhere on the interwebz.

Tom Jesson

I think if it wasn't for facebook we would all have more blog posts. It's important to keep up with family, good for you!

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