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September 05, 2012


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Roger @ The Chicago Financial Planner

Excellent post and a good lesson for any of us in a service business.

Jennifer Blumer

Love this Michelle. And I get it. I am still reeling from some pretty shocking bills for well visits for two of my children a few months ago. It was bad enough that I actually am looking for a new pediatrician. I feel very violated and extremely angry that we were not warned that our bill would be about 3 times what is had been in the past - hundreds more for each of them. I am actually kind of scared to go back there now!

It's a very uncaring way to do business, isn't it?

John Chisholm

Great practical post we can all relate to Michelle.

Perhaps if you had have had this conversation with your dentist first there would have been no price surprise for you-but maybe some other surprises for your daughter!


Jim Caruso

Great analogy Michelle. I have shared with my team!

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