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July 19, 2011


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Bill Sheridan

Excellent points, Michelle! A lot of the features you get with G+ have been around for a long time now.

What I really like about G+, though, is that much of its functionality is based on those really cool features ("circles" / "lists"). Google has made it very easy, intuitive and even fun to add people to your network and communicate with them. It's still a bit early, but it seems to me as though G+ has taken a lot of what we like about social networks and improved on it.

It'll be fun to see of that holds up as more people participate.


I am glad you posted this. I was starting to think I was the only one who saw the similarity between Facebook Lists and Google Circles. Google has done some very cleaver marketing.

Raissa Evans

I agree. In fact, Zuck said as much during the online streaming launch of the Facebook/Skype video chat release. He not only compared Circles to Lists, but he also cleverly dropped in that Facebook still has Groups - which is another thing entirely. Circles don't create group spaces or group conversation the way that Groups do, and there's definitely a space for it.

And kudos for your easy to follow step-by-step for your readers!


Thanks for this great post, Michelle. I sometimes feel as though too many individuals get so caught up in the hype of a new Google launch that they never engage in a practical down-to-earth comparison between new and pre-existing tools. Your assessment is a very good one. It's been a while since your last post and this one was worth waiting for.

Michael Johnson

Very interesting article but I'm unclear on why you would need to put any group in the "Hide this from" area if "Only the people above can see this". Unless there are duplicate people that are in the groups? Example: You have Mary in group 'Family' and 'Nothing' as well and you don't want her to specifically see the post? Please clarify.

Michelle Golden

Thanks for your comments and kind words @Raissa @Rick and @Joe! Joe, I hang my head in shame at how seldom I've been posting ... so not my intent to be this intermittent!

@Bill, I think it was fun adding people to circles at first, but going back in later to manage those circles is something I find to be quite a pain. Too few people show up in a single view and they sort of dodge around as you go to select them. Anyone else finding this to be a hassle?

@Michael, you raise an excellent question and you're exactly right! Say you have something you want your family and friends to see (as opposed to business people) but it might not be appropriate for the most conservative (easily-offended) folks. So, you could say show it to "Family" and "Friends" but hide it from "Nothing Wild" which might be the group that you dropped people into if you thought they'd take issue with foul language or political jokes or whatever else you might consider questionable content.

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