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November 02, 2010


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Michelle -- this is perfect and has been on my mind as well (I am pretty sure we have the same source of inspiration on this). I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on this and will share this post when I'm asked about this or when I see people going down this road. Thanks for a very useful post.

Tracy Crevar Warren

Great post Michelle. I am sure this is on the minds of many these days. Practical advice as usual!

Michelle Golden

Thanks Tracy and Marijean, it is a tough issue, for sure.

If we're over 30, we've pretty much been taught to keep our personal lives separate from business. Definitely the over 45s have so it is deeply ingrained!

Interestingly, in accounting and law, anyway, the over 60s remember what pre-Bates (Bates v Arizona State Bar) marketing was like...and that entailed deeper, more PERSONAL relationships than we've been doing since emulating corporations. I think that's why the 60+ crowd is less uncomfortable w/social media than the middle folks.

The bigger issue is TIME. Hope you two have some ideas for that challenge. :)

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