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September 07, 2010


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Great post Michelle! I need to see if we can update our website and my blog for this.

Dianna Huff


This is a great post full of practical information.

One other mistake I see companies making: they include their phone number as an "image" -- i.e. a jpeg or gif.

So if you use a smartphone, you can't click on the number and have your phone automatically dial it. Drives me insane!

Mike Klassen

I actually include the text below in a section of my blog about why people would want to work with me. It was an early lesson on being easy to reach:

One of the first design jobs I landed came from a guy who found my website and gave me a call. He liked my portfolio, but the reason he wanted to hire me was partially because I had my full contact information on my site. He said something along the lines of, “I want to have a sense of who the freelancer is before I contact him. And if it’s easy to contact him before I’m a client, I'm pretty confident that he’ll be there for me when I am a client.”


Most CPA Websites have Service Pages. Don't forget to integrate your contact info into your call to action on each service page, including the phone number and appropriate contact person. Also include an Email Form on each page.

Michelle Golden

@ Joel, thanks, it's so easy yet so often overlooked!

@ Dianna, excellent point! Thank you for adding that great reminder. Contact info should always be text! In fact, ideally, all words should be text versus image.

@Mike, I agree wholly. First impressions matter! Sites with nothing but a contact form are VERY bad leading indicators about the accessibility of the people at that organization! Congrats on the effectiveness of your approach.

@Kenny, I agree with all EXCEPT the form for email. Never good. People HATE forms. Instead, give individual email links.

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