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August 23, 2010


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Melinda Guillemette

Michelle -
The talk about ROI on social media sounds exactly like talk we've been engaging in forever on professional services marketing as a whole.

Seems to me that any tactic undertaken without a strategy behind it -- even if it's a measurable tactic -- is going to be less successful than those undertaken with forethought.

You're completely right when you imply that social media are just arrows in a quiver, some of which will be more quantifiable than others. Just like marketing as a whole. Best to avoid "ready, fire, aim".

Michelle Golden

It is the eternal question, isn't it? You probably often see what I do... that the problem with the demand for ROI measurements in firms is twofold: 1) it's usually an afterthought when people become frustrated with time/money spent and wonder when or if they'll ever see a return, and 2) the common mistake of not having obtained baseline measures (e.g., today's revenue by sector) and set specific objectives (e.g. desired addt'l revenue by sector) at the start.


Michelle - This is great information. Thanks for passing it along.

Michelle Golden

Thank you, Barry, it's my pleasure. Thanks for sharing with your colleagues. :)

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