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July 27, 2010


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Oops - I found more than one that I'm guilty of - thanks you! I'll be making some changes.

Grant Parish

In my opinion, one of the best blogs around is written by Seth Godin - http://sethgodin.typepad.com
and he does not enable comments. You can email him with a comment about his posting and he will respond. I think that is much more engaging than enabling comments. I think it also cuts out a lot of "noise" as well.


Another thing about blogs that makes me pause is the practice of not dating the posts. Fresh content is needed to keep things fresh, and omitting dates gives the appearance of trying to skate by with old material.

Michelle Golden

@Mere, glad to help. I'm guilty of a few myself from time to time. (Especially on responding to comments promptly which is pathetic because I greatly value them!)

@Grant, I am a fan of Seth's blog, too, and I understand why he turned his comments off, but I still think it's a bad decision and sends a distinct, unarguable message that he cannot be bothered to read all comments. I hope I'm never "that" famous that I send that message.

@Scott, yeah, I think the same thing when I see undated posts. red flag, right?

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