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April 27, 2010


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Marty Desmond

We recently wrote a post on increasing the value of a practice, in which we referred to Rita Keller’s blog Surroundings Really Do Matter. Rita asked the question "do people perform better work in a neat, clean, organized environment than they do in an environment of disorder?" We wrote some experiences selling firms that were disorganized.

We comments suggesting professional attire, but another stood out from those. She said “organization is VERY important but as for dress attire, you need to know your niche.” She works with successful artists, actors, musicians, and “creative” types. They would feel uncomfortable meeting someone in professional attire.

I think she brought up a good point, as do you. Personally, some of the complaints you wrote about –white t-shirt showing – seem ridiculous. I wonder how many potentially great employees people like that lose, due to that culture.

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