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March 09, 2010


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Joel Ungar

Great point Michelle. I haven't seen Avatar because I saw the commercials and just wasn't enticed. The only thing I've heard people say about it was "the effects were spectacular." I thought "Cars" and some similar movies were incredible from an animation standpoint, but the stories were just dumb and I've never wanted to see them again.

We've modified our website a bit to focus content to specific niches, and you're right - content wins.

Amanda Garner

So I had a theory on the storyline this paralleled that I haven't heard anyone else tout - Wondering if maybe it's the same as yours... [edited for secrecy]?


Loved this post Michelle, perfect timing!...I am just reworking our site right now and of course struggling with content!


Great article, we also recently updated our site and are trying to keep it updated with current accounting news. This article and your blog has really helped focus our firm on how we should better address our marketing efforts to our target audience. Keep it up!

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