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January 10, 2010


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Joel Ungar

Michelle - very good point. I think I tend to go to the other extreme sometimes on Facebook, where I admit my silly side comes out. I see a lot of negative posts by people and have wondered if they realize what it says about them to their friends and the world.

LinkedIn I keep very upbeat and professional. Except for the one time I posted that I encouraged people to follow George Costanza and make a contribution to the Human Fund.


Great post! I think about this stuff all the time. I even posted about some of it (not that you have to read these, honestly just sharing here)...

Making stuff happen -- http://cpaconfessions.blogspot.com/2009/09/who-calls-shots.html

Optimism -- http://cpaconfessions.blogspot.com/2009/08/door-number-3.html

I always enjoy your posts and tweets!


Susan Cartier Liebel

Michelle, great post with lots of constructive tips to do research on your posts and analyze the tone and content.

Also, it helps us give pause when we write. Sometimes we feel the need to 'vent', have a catharsis or purge.

But your professional profile is not the place to overdue it even though the temptation is great. Thanks for reminding us.


I have the most negative blog out there and i'm damn proud of it:


This blog cuts thru all the BS and gets right to the faracial, paper-pushing, cut n' pasting joke that is the gutter called law.


You raise an interesting point. One reason that I am a solo lawyer is to be able to offer efficient services to my clients. As a former Fortune 500 GC,as well as having worked in name firms, I am all too well aware of the practices that do not help clients. Indeed, I raise some questions about that on my own web site, which I hope are constructive rather than negative. There are better ways to practice, and clients should know their choices. I do hope I got the right tone, though.

Brenda Richter

This reminds me of a story a colleague shared with me over a year ago.

One of her clients was hiring a new manager. They thought they had found the right person, and they were ready to make an offer. On a whim, some one checked out his Twitter account. It appears he had quite a negative attitude. The offer was never made.

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