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October 13, 2009


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Love it!

Social media is about coordination and cultivation of people, not commanding and controlling them.

Melinda Guillemette

Michelle -
Thanks for coming up with a concrete way firms can assess this aspect of their culture and operations. Like you, I believe it is yet another issue related to trust. The younger professionals are absolutely challenging firms' notions of management and operations...and it's about time someone did.

Sarah Johnson

What a great idea. This is simple, easy and relevant.

Wendy Nemitz

Michelle - As usual, you got me thinking. Maybe firms should look at their dress codes. If the dress code measures the distance from your skirt to your knee or the width of your tie, LinkedIn may be a stretch. If the dress code defines staff as professionals who need to inspire trust and credibility, offers parameters and suggestions, they are ready for social media.

Vandna Sohnvi

Wonderful. A simple questionnaire can set the policies of the org. But i believe that in today's scenario, the atmosphere should be more friendly, which gives the employees space to work around and succeed. Well done

Joe - Headset Bros CEO

Thanks for featuring us here Michelle!

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