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July 23, 2009


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Barbara Walters Price


This post is great advice. As a CMO of a professional services firm, I am often asked by our professionals about a general FAQ for our website because "other firms have one." As you note so well, most of these are just a restatement of your marketing language. I so appreciate your insight and will point our professionals to this post the next time they ask.

-- Barbara

David Bradsher

Great idea. I think sometimes we forget that customer service can sometime be handled by "self-serice". Anytime an activity can be outsourced to our web sites, it makes it easier for clients to work with us.

- David Bradsher
Bay Business Group


FAQs that have subject-matter content, not just stuff about the firm, are valuable for search engine recognition, guiding potential clients (and existing clients who are shopping) to the right firm.

FAQs can give potential clients some baseline information, such as terminology, that will help them communicate with the lawyer or accountant when the engagement begins.

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