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June 17, 2009


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Brian Strahle

Michelle -

We have corresponded before, but I am looking for some feedback from you and others regarding how to convince or persuade CPA firms to use social media to build a tax practice.

As you know, I started a national state and local tax (SALT) blog (http://leveragesalt.blogspot.com/) back in January 2009 to build a practice, etc. I also started using Twitter a month or so ago. To this point it has generated some business, referrals, and guest blogging opportunities.

I have recently had discussions with national CPA firms about using social media to grow their SALT practices, and they seem hesitant or stuck in "non-traditional" methods of marketing, etc.

My argument is that companies interact with CCH, or RIA, etc. everyday to get tax developments. Do they interact every day with their SALT consultant? In addition, by the time firms come out with articles or analysis on SALT developments, it is old news. A blog post can be done in a shorter amount of time with, I believe, just as much effect.

Do you think I will be successful in convincing these firms to use social media?

Scott Heintzelman

Thank you Michelle for all your leadership to our industry!! You Rock!!

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