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January 06, 2009


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Kirk Ward


I couldn't agree with you more. Practice differentiation is the absolute key to success.

For all you folks who read Michelle's blog, think about it this way ... Do you think the local restaurant owner is going to be more impressed with the "banker" image projected by the big boys down the street, or the fact that you handle the accounts for twenty-six other restaurants there in town?

Specialization as a form of differentiation is powerful. You need to do it, and let people know about it.


Lisa Solomon

There are quite a few rock 'n roll lawyers out there. Check out:

Bob Noone & the Well Hung Jury: Bob sings about what's on all of our—and our clients'—minds, in styles ranging from blues to Carribean, lounge lizard to rock.

The Bar & Grill Singers: the Singers spoof themselves and their profession with clever lyrics set to a variety of musical styles. They needle everything and everyone involved in the law, including clients, billing practices, legal ethics, bored jurors, and (gasp!) federal judges. The Singers write all of their own material, and arrange many of the songs.

Dan Klau: a piano-playing lawyer who sings about the trials and tribulations of being a young associate, lawyers who couldn’t give a client a straight answer if their life depended on it, the joy of bringing someone to the brink of tears during cross-examination, and more

Soulless, Bloodsucking Lawyers: it isn't an ad hominem attack: it's the soundtrack of an original Broadway-style musical by the same name written by Minnesota lawyer, speaker, comedian and playwright Toni Halleen.

Lawrence Savell: specializes in law-related holiday songs

Mikey Mel & the JDs (coming soon): hard-rocking songs about love, life and law school.

You can find CDs by all of these artists in the music department at The Billable Hour Company, http://TheBillableHour.com. You can find videos from some of these artists at The Video Venue, http://video.thebillablehour.com (in the TBH Featured Artists category).

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