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October 23, 2008


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Getting indexed by the search engines, as you well know, is only the first step. Achieving top placement on the search engines will do little if your website can't convert the general surfer. Someone who finds an accountant or CPA via the search engines, did not find them because they were recommended by a friend, and will no little to nothing about the firm. It is very important your website shares information about your firm, such as your firm's mission, credentials, affiliations, code of ethics, etc. Possibly even more important is sharing information about your team. This will go along way to getting the person who finds you via the search engine to take the next step, and contact your firm. This new site is a great example of what is needed.


The design is nice. The SEO looks OK, although I really only glanced at the source code. But there's a lot more to online marketing than just search engines and the site is extremely weak on content. The site could be a much more powerful long-term marketing tool. First thing I noticed is the lack of a newsletter sign-up. That's an easy 12 or more branded contacts per year. Also, add some free reports, calculators, commonly used tax forms etc. Make the site more than just a glorified ad. Make it a useful tool that will draw your prospects to your site even if they don't intend to buy anything. In a year or six, when they DO need an accountant, you'll have positioned yourself as the logical first choice.


Aha! I Stand corrected! There IS a newsletter sign-up, but it's poorly placed.

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