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May 08, 2008


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Wendy Nemitz

Michelle, I love this post. I told a higher up in an accounting firm yesterday that ads can be SAFE or they can be GOOD. Safe (read boring) is very expensive because you have to buy so much ad space to gain mind space. Good is cheap because creativity delights and sticks with people.

Having people at the firm "react" to the creative means that it evokes some emotion -- always a good thing when you are trying to persuade.

The whole Choate creativity should win a million awards. I point to their stuff (we did not do it but I wish we had) to show people what is possible when SAFE is not the first consideration.

Love your blog! Thanks.

Michelle Golden

So true, Wendy, I totally agree that safe = boring. People enjoy their senses being stimulated...we can see this evidenced in all the emails that go round and round containing funny, silly or really creative stuff...or links to it.

It's so viral when a firm does something cool--links to it spread like wild-fire! And 99% of the appreciation is from the firm's peers and competitors thinking, wow, I wish we'd thought of that... Tell us that a highly creative campaign (even geared toward prospective clients) doesn't have recruiting value! Ha! :-)

Thanks for reading Wendy, hope you're thawing out in St Paul!

Brenda Richter, CPA

Not very edgy, but at least they did videos:


Bill Kennedy, CA

Hi Wendy,

Just as bloggers get behind, readers do to. Just caught this post. So true! Accountants need to be more creative (Oops am I allowed to say that now that the Certified Management Accountants have trademarked "creative accountant"? - Check it out at http://CreativeAccountants.org/)


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