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April 28, 2008


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While we've been encouraging specialization with clients, we've also watched the PR industry go in fragmenting directions. Some firms have dabbled in Web development, advertising or other non-core pursuits. At Standing, we've identified our specialization as reputation management. Need a new Web site? We bring in a partner. Need advertising? We contract with a media buyer -- who specializes in just that. We're more focused on our clients' needs this way and it keeps us on track for meeting their needs and goals. Great post, Michelle.

Hugh Duffy

We work with a lot of small to medium size accounting firms providing marketing and practice development help. One of our the tactics we encourge with our clients is to be out there with a niche and use it to draw clients in. It not only gives them the opportunity to show off their knowledge in a particular industry, but it allows them to target the kind of clients they like to work with. Win Wing

China Law Blog

Excellent post. I concur.

David Rachford

Hi Michelle,
Great article in the AAM newsletter on Blogging. It's so true. You said that without enough content, or the right kind of content, your site will be invisible.

This is a great post too: I'm wondering where you found Naked Accounting... very interesting find!

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