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February 05, 2008


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Ron Baker

Hey, wait a minute. The Reagan speech is in Chapter 3.

Did you peak ahead Michelle?

Charles H. Green, Trusted Advisor Associates


Terrific job on this month's Carnival of Trust. This is a delicious list, made even better by your trenchant commentary. Thanks so much for doing the heavy lifting that benefits us all.

Michelle Golden

Charlie, thanks so much for the opportunity to host your carnival. It was both fun and educational. And, for me, like ten blog posts in one!

Baker, you'll be pleased to know I'm actually well past Chap 3. I might even keep reading. ;-)

Paul McCord


Thank you very much for mentioning my post from the Sales and Sales Management Blog on the lessons salespeople can learn about trust from the current presidential campaigns.

Unfortunately, your post on my blog seems to have been arbitrarily discarded by my spam blocker (I'm coming to believe it is a descendent of Hal from "2001" fame). However, once alerted by Charles of the recalcitrant spam blocker, I had the pleasure of finding the Carnival of Trust and your excellent commentary.


I like the idea of 'trust' being about (sensible) risk. Absolutely.

Mark Slatin


I too extend my thanks to both you and Charlie for posting my article, "The Invisible Wall of Distrust". The Carnival is a unique idea that encourages trust and helps tear down the invisible wall I was writing about.

As for Paul's comment about the spam blocker snagging the carnival of trust, if I weren't so trusting, I might consider the long arm of the Reagan Administration :).

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