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November 04, 2007


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Neil McIntyre

"Nothing absorbs errant pee like a nice, thick shag..."

Great post. :)

Mike Marn

Wow, cool shirt, where can I get one?
Seriously, I think this DOES have a bit to do with firm marketing. The post itself drew so many comments precisely because it wasn't selling, or preaching, just striking chords with people. Got them to lower their guard. More people are aware of and like Johnny Virgil now, right?

It also demonstrates the transient nature of almost everything we are always so smug and "certain" about.

I'll bet when that catalog was fresh, they were looking at the one from 1952 and laughing at the pictures. We're pretty arrogant and opinionated, as a society and as an industry. Just for the record, my very-popular high school senior son would probably like a few things from that book, and he's cooler than all of us put together. There ARE no absolutes. (Although in my opinion, the leisure suit came pretty darn close.)

Michelle Golden

Thanks Neil, and Mike. Mike, you've got a good point there. Nostalgia always sells and "retro" is a moving target as time goes on. Even when it involves polyester double-knits. Memory-invoking can be a powerful emotional marketing tool.

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