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November 27, 2007


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Ed Kless

I like getting gift cards, but agree that for clients they are a no-no. I like the book idea.

One other idea we did at my firm was to make a charitable donation in the name of our clients to our not for profit clients. Both really liked the idea.

Ron Baker

I've given gift books, but most people have a tendency not to read them...

Mike Marn

The "declining value" system is outrageous, and awfully hard to justify. Perhaps in restaurants we should pay less for our entree for each minute they don't bring it to us. (Leading to an increase in steaks ordered "well-done", I'd wager...)

The gift card ought to INCREASE in value to reflect the fact that the company has the money already (and is no doubt using it.)

My new policy will be to make a point of asking, and refusing to buy the card if it DOES decline.

You ought to build a nice little "human interest" story around your disappointed son and get it in the papers--not just to shame them into honoring it, but to discourage others from the practice.

Mona Libhart

The other day I witnessed an incident at a Macy's store where a couple was not allowed to use the balance of their gift card because it had "expired". I'm researching gift card practices in order to write a letter to the editor to a couple newspapers. This is outrageous. The manager on duty was cut and dry, and very unpleasant. I thought management personel could override these things to make customers happy.

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