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April 18, 2007


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Ed Kless

Thanks Michelle for the plug. It was funny. When I read the title of the article and the first three words - Who makes accounting fun? My friend, Ed Kless...

Always trying to make accounting fun. Neat post - love the videos.

Ed Kless

Sorry to post another comment, but I was amazed after viewing the videos a second time and looking at the comments on youtube that most of them were bashing these as being "unprofessional".

Since when does having some fun equate with unprofessional. Some of you CPAs need to get a sense of humor, please!

Michelle Golden

Ed, I agree with you! It bummed me out to see those negative comments--especially on the "'Tute" video.



The accounting profession should design a creative, mind stimulating, review application that would emphasize core knowledge based on each section of GAAP, GASB, FASB, AICPA, SOX, and all CPA exam related material including the entirety of IRS code and all supplemental forms and instructions for every type of Return possible.

I am NOT joking.

Instantaneous feedback and analysis of each submitted answer would be invaluable.

Such a format would allow an entry-level 4 year degree accountant to intimately know and pursue these concepts within a fun, creative, hardy knowledge base environment that is designed to download, update, and keep the number one goal of the experience interesting and fun while emphasizing accuracy and professional work.

Such subscribers would have an excellent learning/progression curve in a very challenging and rewarding profession. The ability to incorporate such a learning platform, would enable subscribers to engage more accurately with their clients and other CPAs.

Platforms should include PCs, MACs, XBOX 360, and PS3s

~Generation X CPA Candidate

John Acocks

I'd like to get some ideas on how we can make teaching accounting in high school more appealing to students. by John Acocks

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