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January 28, 2007


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Seth R.

Thing to remember is that people hire a CPA because they want a professional. Not a kiss-up, not a therapist, not a babysitter.

All the "service" in the world doesn't make one bit of difference if you can't deliver the goods.

This guy just sent a very powerful message about how much he values his own services and that he's competent enough, and in demand enough not to care about losing your business.

That kind of aura of success, and competence can attract people to your firm even more that "service with a smile."

Think the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld.

In the end, it's really about the soup.


Thanks for your comment Seth! I do hear what you're saying, and agree quality is a must. But I confess I cannot endorse, or abide by, being rude to one's clients as a means to elevate one's "in demand" status.

I think the tough thing about writing in general is conveying sarcasm and my post is quite tongue-in-cheek. That may not come through well enough.

You astutely observed that "This guy just sent a very powerful message about how much he values his own services...."! How much HE values them. Though competence might be implied, it sure isn't assured. We can assume quality, but why would we assume higher quality than any other CPA?

Sure, at the end of the day, there are lot of people for whom bedside manner doesn't matter one bit.

Quite frankly, if my heart surgeon has a massive ego and isn't caring and friendly during our consultation, but is the best damn heart surgeon in the world, I'm very fine with that. But when it comes to my ongoing medical care, my GP must exhibit basic consideration for me to go back year after year.

So I ask you, is a tax practitioner a heart surgeon or a GP? One could argue just on the complexity of the work. But, for most accountants, they would tell you they prefer the role of GP: providing on-going care and consultation. This guy clearly wants to do one thing and one thing alone: tax prep. I believe he makes his bundle of cash then takes the rest of the year off. Works for him!

Which end of the value curve would I want to be on, though? Probably not the same one he's on!! How about you?


David Rachford, CPA

I say kudos for being tough...

Listen to my Voicemail message at: 805-964-4970 x101.

I'm tough, but not that tough.

I also put black tape over my phone so I can work without being distracted by the ring lights.

And I don't bill by the Hour (thanks VeraSage)

Robert D Flach

I just came across this posting about me and I want to correct one very big error - I AM NOT A CPA!

Thanks for writing about me.


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