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November 06, 2006


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Marco Antonio P. Gonçalves

Your points pretty much summarize one of the main issues faced by marketers working in professinal services firms. I know by experience that law firms hire marketers only because other firms did it (a new trend), they don't know how to use them and, because of that, marketers are many times assigned to low relevance or non-marketing activities. And since law firms/lawyers don't want to change their status quo, there's not much room for breakthroughs and innovations.

Ed Kless

Right on, Michelle. I see the exact same trend amoung technology firms serving the software implementation market. In some cases it is made worse by an overreliance on publisher leads.

In the past six months I have seen at least three firms hire a marketing person only to not allow them to spend a dime!

David Rachford, CPA

Regarding budgets....the old "Spending versus Investing" dilemma.

Marketers should be held accountable for their efforts, and marketing "expenses" should result in increased revenues.

If they don't, you're not marketing.

Accountants, and perhaps lawyers, see marketing as an expense, not as an investment. And because they tend to stick to "vanilla" non-offensive (at least to the partners) marketing methods and tactics, they'll continue to hamstring the marketer because they expect mediocre results.

When a marketer can show a great ROI - by learning and utilizing effective marketing techniques, then we'll see the budgets change.

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