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June 03, 2006


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Anne Stanton

Excellent post Michele!


I have to disagree with you that blogging takes at least an hour a week. To update a blog is as easy as one e-mail. Considering that most people write hundreds of e-mails a week the time investment is trival. What is needed is a commitment to consistency. Meaning that you get in the habit of updating. I know people who update once a week and others who blog 10 times a day.

I also take issue with the comment that "techies" shouldn't blog. In reality hundreds of extremely technical introverts blog. Course their audience is the people who want the inside scoop, direct from the source, on that technology. Shoot you could blog about complex tax code!! and you would build an audience of people who need those explicit details.

Lastly blogging builds an audience. Yes, you can write to an audience, but you can also create one!

Passionate Blogger. Anne

Suzanne Lowe

Michelle, you've made a great point regarding: "A blog gives readers insight into the author's personality and demeanor." This aspect of social media is, I believe, the doorway into the new millennium's "experience economy," and marketers had better take heed. They and their firms' fee-earners have just about mastered the traditional avenues to managing a brand; it's blocking and tackling, and mostly ONE-WAY from the inside of a firm OUT.

But blogging and other social media really do allow a practitioner to demonstrate personality in a way that brings clients much closer to a true "experience" as they consume a service. Most of my professional services clients are skeptical at the moment about blogging and other emerging social media channels. I think it's just the tip of the iceberg of the new Marketing mix.

Anthony Reeves

I love your blog on this topic. I have tried to make mention of this to my firm but they are not at the point of doing this at this time. So, I took upon myself to do this for myself.

A. Ray Reeves

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