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January 04, 2006


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» Branding Revisited--and Explained. Golden Comments. from What About Clients?
In response to the December 29 post on the apparent failure of most lawyers to brand their firms, Michelle Golden at Golden Practices got to the heart of the matter in a couple of fabulous posts (here and here). And... [Read More]

» Very Big Dog Launches Brand New Blog. from What About Clients?
As Michelle Golden and others have noticed, three weeks ago Guy Kawasaki--consultant, author, branding wonk and former Apple Computer evangelist--launched a new blog: Let The Good Times Roll. His post yesterday is called The Art of Branding. As when I... [Read More]

» More on Distinction by Actions from Generation Leadership
[Source: Golden Practices] quoted: The other day, I posted on firms needing to distinguish themselves more effectively. I feel the need to add this... [Read More]


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