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June 18, 2005


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Dear Friend,

I hope you don't mind but this is one of my first messages to a blog.

My name is Francis and I am writing to share something that might be of interest.

I have owned a heavy engineering plant in the UK for 15 years.

The average net profit margin for a heavy engineering company in the UK is around 5 to 15 %.

My companies net profit margin has varied from 25% to 52%, yes, net profit, year after year.

I also have a Finance company and it too makes at least twice the industry average.

And I work about 3 to 4 hours per week, mostly having coffee with my staff.

I tell you this not to boast, but to share a beautiful, simple and honest truth with you.

And that truth is this.

By all means, invest in technology...

By all means, invest in training...

By all means, invest in new markets...

By all means, invest in whatever you want...

But, whatever you invest in, remember this.

Your investment must be designed with the primary objective of


Make your customer feel LOVED and they will throw their money at you, time and time again, year after year after year.

They will forgive your occasional drop in quality.

They will forgive your occasional slip in service.


Because you make them feel special.

You make them feel loved.

And they will be filled with gratitude and repay you, in the only ways they know how.

The first way is nice, but ultimately not too important.

That is they will shower you with their money.

The second way they express their gratitude is the big one.

They have to love you in return.

And as you receive their love you feel wonderful, special and above all else .... GRATEFUL.

And so it goes.

You repay them in the only way you can.

With an incredible product or an incredible service, making them feel so very special, and so it goes, on and on and so

beautifully on.

This is my loving gift to you.

Francis Taylor

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